Laughing at people in wheelchairs

On a day out with Tracy and the wee one I decided to try out my wheelchair on a ramp at the skate park. I’ve got the Quickee Argon 2, it’s neon green and pretty sporty, so I thought why the hell not?

Yeah… It didn’t turn out well.

My tiny front wheels couldn’t handle the angle of my descent and quicker than I could comprehend I was thrown out of the chair and across the park with my ass flying out of my jeans for good measure.

I shared it on my Instagram because it was funny and I think it’s important to have a laugh at yourself. I played a stupid game and won a stupid prize. If you’d like to see it, check it out at the end of this post

The comments on the post were a combination of concern and humour, all invited but then I got this.

My reply?

The fact of it is, you should not feel sorry for wheelchair users.

Why? This doesn’t help us in the slightest. If you start with pity, any interaction we have will be overshadowed by your tragic view of us.

This then leads to infantilsation and condescension. You’re already two feet taller, there’s no need to talk down to us. If you had any idea how difficult the transition to a wheelchair can be, you’d appreciate that we don’t need the weight of your pity to holding us down.

I had to go through an almighty amount of bargaining as I adapted to a new reality. I found it like a trip down the rabbit hole.

You start of by immediately shrinking, you learn that to turn right in your wheelchair you need to push left and vice versa and you suddenly find your interactions with others involve a tone you’ve not heard since you were five.

It’s trippy as fuck.

Then you’ve got the perception of yourself, the first time you see yourself reflected in a window, you realise this is how people see me now. When I was walking my disability wasn’t so obvious, when using my stick I was at least able to make eye contact but now, now I’m really disabled with wheels and everything.

That’s not to say that I’m unhappy with my life in an measure but dealing with this change to my life is difficult, without others treating my differently because I’m in a wheelchair.

Do your best to ignore the chair and remember the arse in it belongs to another human being.

If I do something silly and you find it funny, that’s totally fine. You’ll laugh, I’ll laugh and we’ll feed better for it but please ask permission before you send it to Failarmy 👍

As promised, you’ll find the video below. Right click and put it on loop for best effect 😄

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