Don’t Feed The Trolls

As bloggers, it’s a truth that we share parts of our lives with those who follow us and read our blogs. It’s a sacrifice many of us chose to make as we appreciate the value of communication and how we help our communities by sharing our stories and experiences.

This is our choice, and similarly we have a choice in what we don’t share with the world.

Recently, when viewing fellow blogger Simply Emma‘s Facebook page, on which she posted a status detailing a recent trip taken in a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle I encountered this:

For some reason this… person, feels that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask this, and worse than that, that they deserve a reply.

My interpretation of this is that Emma needs to be kept by their father, due to her disability and obviously can’t provide for herself because she’s disabled. And this homunculus would like this confirmed.

Who would send such a thing? You wonder. Who indeed, well I have a photo of the very person here…

Just a sec.

Are you sure you’re ready?


But are you sure sure?



Of course he doesn’t have a profile picture, what self respecting coward would?

For as much as Muscular Dystrophy complicates my life, I count my blessings because I don’t have WSS – White Silhouette Syndrome. Having MD isn’t easy but at least I have a face and a body. Poor guy.

As he doesn’t appear to have a face. Let’s see what we can do to help.

Hold on….

I’ll be right with you…

Just a minute…

You ever put something down and forget where you left it?

I know it’s here somewhere…


Found it.

That’s better.

So, I’m not fine with this in the slightest. Emma is a close friend and not the sort of person to get into an altercation with some faceless internet idiot. Me? Not so much. I had to reply.

Eloquent as ever

I found his question downright creepy, and thought I should call him out on it, so I did, but our creepy friend here with WSS decided he’d like to reply.

Before I share this, I’d like to apologise for the face I chose above. It’s childish and offensive – to pigs.

Let me change it.

Just a sec…

I just had it…

I really need to be better organised…

Oh. There we go.

Muuuuch better.

That laugh react is me.

I’m not going to lie, the words ‘Alpha Male’ had me in hysterics. I’m very sure that trolling disabled people on the internet is the second thing they teach you in Alpha Male class, right after they teach you how to be a creepy bastard.

You’ll likely say he’s not worth the effort, and he’s not, but I’ve never been a great listener.

Of course I got a reply but you know what? This is a serious topic, involving a friend and fellow blogger.

That shit head emoji is offensive – to shit.

Shit has a purpose, it carries what our bodies can’t digest and fertiliser is used to help crops grow.


Where is it?


I had a box of them.

Oh yeah!

Here we go.


As you can see, our friend took a quick look over my Facebook profile, which is mostly locked down and gleaned from my profile picture that I have child (that and DYSTROPHY DAD is a huuuuuge giveaway). He also assumes I don’t have a job and feels that since he evidently speaks for all Alpha Males, he’ll also speak for the “baby-mamas” of the world.

I’m not going to go into detail on any of these aspects, as I don’t feel the need to, but needless to say, they’re hollow words from a faceless troll.

I reply but not to any of his points.

This is from a screenshot taken earlier – apologies for the grainy quality, I took this one from my phone as Facebook seemed not to be showing it when I went back to write this.

I’m emotional, just like anyone else, but words only hurt if you let them.

This fool is so wide of the mark in his assumptions, and I feel sorry for him on account of his WSS – we really need a benefit concert for this, hosted by the Gorillaz (as many dimensions as our creep here and Johnny Bravo (the ultimate 2D Alpha Male).

No reply came in the end, then I blocked him.

Before I did that though, I had a look over what information I could see on his locked down profile. I took particular note of the sheer amount of disabled singers and athletes he had liked.

I propose two theories, we either have a chauvinist disability fetishist, or we have a person with a disability that is so spiteful of his own condition, that he feels the need to harass other disabled people in a desperate bid to feel better about himself.

I might be wrong on both counts and he’s just a vile person.

Whichever it is, I feel sad for him, his family and anyone else who’s had to spend time in his company. If it’s even possible, I hope he finds the treatment needed for his poisoned mind, then again, we’re still trying to cure Musular Dystrophy.

Putting yourself in this persons shoes, you might err on the side of sympathy and conclude that this was a one off, an exercise in trolling to blow off steam and feel better about himself, but I had a look though previous comments he’d made on Emma’s Facebook page.

Emma posted this a while ago.

Just look at this comment he made on that post.

This was a year ago, showing that this behavior isn’t new. This is one troubled person, with horrific views on women and masculinity. The very suggestion that a disabled woman should give a man whatever he asks because he is owed for being with her.

It’s sickening to think that people like this exist and I know he’s in the US, feeling safe and protected by the big pond between him and the (I assume) other disabled people he’s tried to deride, and that’s the only reason he’s doing what he’s doing.

I’ve chosen not to show his name, not out of fear but the knowledge that his fragile ego would love the attention. So he’ll stay nameless.

As for Emma, I asked her permission to write this and she didn’t stay silent.

He liked the post but didn’t reply.

This just serves as a reminder to be careful online, and to remember that a faceless troll’s words only have power, if you allow them to.

If you’re a blogger who has a Facebook page, and would like to make sure this person isn’t following your content, just reach out to me on any of my social channels.

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  1. […] July was a fun month as I got to collaborate with my good friend and fellow Scottish disabled blogger, Joe a.k.a Dystrophy Dad. We created a film festival blog series called ‘MD at the Movies’. Each Friday we would review a movie featuring a character with Muscular Dystrophy. My favourite was ‘Inside I’m Dancing’. I honestly had a great time working with Joe on this and I’m grateful that I’ve made a great friend in him as a result. Joe is a fantastic guy and an incredible writer and poet. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out his blog. He also had a brilliant response to an ableist online troll that we encountered, which you can read HERE. […]

  2. Steph.. Rise up your the greater person and anyone whose know you are in awe about what you have achieved both at work and home your impressive in so many ways

  3. It makes me rage that people think they have the right to assume anything about a person. But particularly when it’s assumptions about those with disabilities not having a life equal to those without.
    You’re right about the White Silhouette Syndrome. Made me chuckle!

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