Parasites and Panaceas

Recently I've seen a lot of this popping up on my Instagram posts. I know it's cheeky, but I can't stand to see members of our amazing community being taken advantage of. I'm not here to denounce herbal medicine, that would be ignorant of me. I have no doubt that many plants, roots and herbs... Continue Reading →

Wellbeing at work.

I have depression. Three words. Five syllables. Simple to say. Hard to accept. Why am I talking about this? So you can too. I'm sick of the stigma, sick of the 'man-ups', sick of people not being able to just talk about how they feel for fear of judgement. We're living in pandemic, people are... Continue Reading →

Dystrophy Dad Vol.1

You ever have one of those months where you can't get your head together? That's me right now. I've been doing a lot of work with Sons Of Dystrophy, so much so that I've not been able to focus on my own writing. I'm also in the middle of a substantial amount of muscle pain... Continue Reading →

Worst. Drive-Thru. Ever

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling unwell. It started with a cough, deep aches that I genuinely felt through my bones, chills and a tightness in my chest. I sat with it for a while, and suddenly started to remember everywhere I'd been since lockdown was lifted. Several coffee shops, several supermarkets, two restaurants... Continue Reading →

Why I love Roald Dahl

Whilst I'm sure I was introduced to the magical worlds of Roald Dahl's books much earlier, the most vivid memory I have is of reading a short booklet named Roald Dahl's Guide to Railway Safety. How I came to acquire this book, I can't rightly say. In all likelihood my dad brought it home but the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Feed The Trolls

As bloggers, it's a truth that we share parts of our lives with those who follow us and read our blogs. It's a sacrifice many of us chose to make as we appreciate the value of communication and how we help our communities by sharing our stories and experiences. This is our choice, and similarly... Continue Reading →


On Sunday I had Tracy's family round for a barbecue. It was a bit of a last minute affair with hasty phone calls to invite them over but they were glad to come. We made a desperate dash to Morrisons and picked up burgers, wings and hotdogs, came home and the wife did the prep... Continue Reading →

Stuart: A Life Backwards

Welcome to week three of MD AT THE MOVIES! This week we're covering Stuart: A Life Backwards, a 2007 film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy as Alexander Master and Stuart Shorter respectively. This is also our first film that's based on a true story. If you've just joined us, please check out our previous... Continue Reading →

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