Parasites and Panaceas

Recently I’ve seen a lot of this popping up on my Instagram posts.

I know it’s cheeky, but I can’t stand to see members of our amazing community being taken advantage of.

I’m not here to denounce herbal medicine, that would be ignorant of me. I have no doubt that many plants, roots and herbs have medicinal properties but I highly doubt that a random Doctor selling panaceas on Instagram is credible. Their claim to cure cancer, herpes, HIV and enlarge… appendages is totally bogus.

I got to thinking, what would happen if someone messaged this doctor. So I did.

Right in with curing it!
Well, if they work magically. That’s all I need to know!
Shipping is 500 bucks. Am I shipping the Doctor?
So that’s what a FedEx truck looks like!
Guess it’s fine to assume the doctor is a man? And a crappy one at that.
Sure am, popping wheelies in the name of baby Jesus.
His definition of freedom is wayyyyyyyyy off.
Am I wrong?
You need legs to make money!
Women. Complain. Everytime? Maybe you need to read Cosmopolitan?
On the subject of things working magically.

And there our conversation ended. The doctor had grown tired of me. Maybe not tired enough though.

Just a quick heads up. I get a bit juvenile from here on in. I started by being an ass, then wanted to see how long it would take for them to tell me to get lost or lose their cool.

Looking through the services on offer, I saw this and had to know more.

On herbs. No doubt
It was 500 for shipping earlier…
Damn typo, but my point is true.
Touched a nerve. Oh, and *herbs.
So now I’m bored and posting Hanson lyrics.
Who doesn’t know what an mmbop is?
Lyrics to hurt by Nine Inch Nails
What is life?

And… that’s where they finally got tired of me. I’ll admit, I was being childish here but I figure if I’m wasting their time someone else is avoiding being taken advantage of.

I hope this was somewhat entertaining. Thanks for reading!

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