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You ever have one of those months where you can’t get your head together? That’s me right now.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Sons Of Dystrophy, so much so that I’ve not been able to focus on my own writing. I’m also in the middle of a substantial amount of muscle pain which either has the effect of sharpening or dulling my senses, just now it’s the latter.

In times like this I enjoy a bit of escapism, right now that’s a combination of watching The Fall and listening to music. My music tastes are bizarre to say the least but I’d rather be bizarre than boring. While I try and get my get my head together, I thought I’d do a lighter post on music I enjoy. I’ve got no real direction here, I’d just like to share a number of artists and songs with you in no particular order.

So get those headphones on, and follow my terrible taste in music and maybe make a discovery or two! I’ll also include a link to a Spotify playlist containing the songs mentioned at the end of the blog.

Regina Spektor

Us – Regina Spektor

I can’t remember quite how I was introduced to Regina Spektor but the first time I listened to her I was blown away. It was 2006, Tracy and I were living in our flat in Paisley and the wee one was barely a twinkle.

To say we were in love was an understatement, we were a young couple in our first home, with the world at our feet and money in the bank, it was a simpler time.

I loved how every song by Regina had it’s own feel, it told it’s own story and there was a disregard for the pop sound that everyone seems to seek. Regina’s life is no less interesting than her music but every time I listen to her, I go back to those simpler days.

I’ve chosen to feature ‘Us’ as it is about a timeless love, one we all seek, and one I’m so happy to say I have. If you’ve seen Orange is the New Black, you’ll know the song ‘You’ve got time’. If you’re interested in a unique style, with an amazing voice, go check her out. Other recommended songs are ‘Samson’, ‘The Call’, ‘Chemo Limo’, ‘Poor Little Rich Boy’ and her Spectacular cover of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’

Sinderins – Formerly Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher

Sinderins – Boo Hoo

The guys are a band, formed of members of other bands Tracy and I loved in our twenties, namely Luva Anna and The Law. They’re all from the Dundee music scene and formed this supergroup some years ago.

In some ways it feels like we grew with these boys, I even bought one of them a pint back in the day. Your round Dave!

We’ve a group of five multi-instrumentalists with very individual singing voices, who have songs that will make you smile, tap your feet, dance and cry.

Notable songs are ‘Pigeon Song’, ‘Oh Dannah’, ‘Little Brown Boy’ ‘Mona’ and ‘Neon Cherry Blossom’.

Dropkick Murphys

Did you know I have Irish heritage? Not in the way that everyone suddenly does on the 17th March but actual heritage. My grandfather on my dad’s side was Irish, he came to Scotland under dubious circumstances, which was when our surname changed from McCourt to Logue – of all the names, I’ve no idea how Logue won out but there you are.

I feel that tiny part of me awaken when I hear the Celtic influences in the Bostonian’s Band’s music. These boys, with some swap outs, have been going for 24 years now and have a global following. They’re true to their roots and have a community spirit that’s unmatched. You’ll likely know their song ‘I’m Shipping up to Boston’ from The Departed soundtrack, The Simpsons and god knows what else.

I was introduced to the band years ago by Callum, a good friend I lost touch with through the passing of time. Last I checked he was in Thailand.

I wasn’t much into Punk or Oi music at the time but we made a deal, he’d see System of a Down with me, if I saw Dropkick Murphys with him. I’m sorry to say SOAD were terrible live, I’ve no doubt it was the venue and the audio set up but they were bad. Dropkick Murphys? Holy shit, they were amazing. They were my first mosh pit and a band that have stayed with me since.

Notable songs are ‘Don’t tear us Apart’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘The Dirty Glass’. ‘Good Rats’ and ‘Barroom Hero’.

Nobou Uematsu

You’re Not Alone – Nobuo Uematsu

It’s no secret that I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge geek. It used to be something you’d be picked on for at school, wrongly of course, but now it seems a point of pride for many. I’ve always considered a geek someone who loves stories, that’s books, films, games, anime, the whole lot.

This is one of my more unusual choices but I love Final Fantasy, although there’s a bit of a grey area in there from 12 onwards. One of my delights of this year was the release of Final Fantasy VII remake, I was furloughed and my favourite game had been brought back at the exact right time.

Nobuo is the composer of the soundtracks for the earlier games in the series and his music takes me back to those days of playing PS1 on a CRT and being whisked away to fantastical worlds where the heroes would come together to defeat a great evil. I still listen to his wonderful music to this day. There are some amazing songs that are great to relax to, the wee one even falls asleep to it most nights!

Some of my favourite tracks are ‘To Zanarkand’. ‘Aeris’s Theme’, ‘Cosmo Canyon’, ‘Roses of May’ and ‘Roses and Wine’

The View

Face for the Radio – The View

I. Love. This. Band.

Back in the days going to T in the Park, getting drunk in a field and singing our wee hearts out, The View were my absolute favourite band. I’ve no doubt that I’ve seen them more than any other band and they’ve never let me down.

It was 2007 when their debut album ‘Hats off to the Buskers’ was released. Again this was back in the glory days of our first flat. Another Dundee band who play with passion and absolutely love what they do. Their first album went right in at number one and they were the ones to watch.

With their upbeat songs and Kyle Falconer’s unique and authentic Dundonian singing voice, they were different to most bands of the day. Their songs were anthems of a particular time, a time I wish I could go back to.

Amongst my favourite songs are ‘Covers’ featuring Paolo Nutini, ‘Sour Little Sweetie’, ‘Shock Horror’ ‘Distant Doubloon’ ‘How long’ and the Roald Dahl inspired ‘Witches’.

Bowling for Soup

Girl All the Bad Guys Want – Bowling for Soup

You ever listen to a band for not other reason than they’re just f*cking fun? BFS are a band that I feel have always been around, hovering in the sidelines, not massive hit makers but just a solid consistant group of guys out to make the world a little happier. That’s what I love about them.

The video above is incredibly telling of my age, with parodies of Limp Bizkit, Staind, Slipknot and Robert Palmer (note – he was way before my time) but the fact that these guys are still going when many of their contemporaries aren’t, speaks volumes. They’re fun, what else do you need?

Notable songs are ‘Me with No You’, ‘Turbulence’, ‘High School Never Ends’, ‘Ohio’ and ‘Punk Rock 101’

The Ink Spots

I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire – The Ink Spots

You know how I said Robert Palmer was before my time? Well these guys are waaaaaaaay before my time. The Ink Spots are a vocal Jazz group from the 1930s!

I was exposed to this band through the Fallout video game series, a retro-futuristic game set in a radioactive America soundtracked by songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s. And they said video games are bad for you.

They’re just such a warm sounding group with a lo-fi aesthetic due to the recording technology of the time. I feel every hiss and crackle is just as much a part their songs as the lyrics are. My wife and I have a running joke about the similarity of their songs but truth be told I love them.

Notable tracks are ‘Maybe’, ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Bonus Round

So it turns out I’ve a lot to say but I’d rather this blog didn’t go on forever. Below I’ll link to some other artists and songs I enjoy without going into any detail on why. You can find a playlist of all these songs and a few more below.

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