Our Electric Addiction

One day I hope we wake up, free from this affliction

Without the urge to succumb to our electric addiction

These tiny glowing screens illuminate us in the dark

Of all the ways to begin our days, this is how we start

The act of sleeping is inconvenient, think of what we’ve missed

Fourteen likes and a non-specific rant, why do we crave this?

Our child sees us each morning, thumbs scrolling eyes transfixed

We’re normalising this behaviour, it’s time to call it quits

Let’s place these infernal devices out of reach and out of sight

And rise in the rays of the morning, aglow in natural light

Let’s speak to each other like we did before this sickness took hold

Or lie in the silence locked in an embrace before the day unfolds

And if we hear tiny foot steps echo before colour breaks the sky

We’ll welcome her with a smile and make room for her to lie

Healing isn’t a simple process, we’ll do well and we’ll falter

In time we’ll improve and that time we once used

will be invested in our daughter.

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