Love Story

Inspired by true events.

It begins with an ambition, to rise up from the floor
To ascend above the earth he must first master all fours

Crawling comes in time, now he must try to stand
If he truly wants to leave his footprint on this land

He stands, although unsteady, a triumph nonetheless
He falls more times than he can count, then finally, success!

His steps are far from stable but now he’s on his way
The million steps of his journey began with one on that day

He runs to hug his mother, runs as his father gives chase
Although it is a brave one, there is anguish on his face

His parents try to reassure him, ‘Son, you’ll be alright.’
Yet whilst he sleeps peacefully they lie awake at night

His mother blames herself, for this is her family’s curse
His father tries to stay strong for his wife though he too hurts

He grows taller as time does fly, so the saying goes
He grows stronger inside than his parents will ever know

He’s known of his plight since day one, he expects life to be a trial
He accepts his lot and soldiers on; he sees no point in denial

He goes to school and tries to learn all that they can teach
He steps in to the world beyond, there’s no goal he cannot reach

He knuckles down and enrols himself for further education
To learn the things he will need to pursue his vocation

All goes as he had intended, when life has other plans
He encounters a girl who will change this boy into a man

Their first date is awkward and their first kiss even more so
Together they take their first steps unsure of where they’ll go

Next comes a difficult conversation, he asks her to sit down
He holds her hand and sees her fear; her smile turns around

‘My legs don’t work as well as others, one day they won’t at all.’
She smiles and reassures him, ‘I’ll be there each time you fall.’

He cries relieved for he had feared their love may have dispersed
Now they have fallen deeper in love, their fragile hearts immersed

Together they share triumphs and times of pain and hurt
The hard times count for nothing as long as he still loves her

They settle into their routine, only apart for their career
Until one day he has a taste of that which he has feared

A shopping trip, his knees give in, he falls to great alarm
The box of eggs held in his hand is all that comes to harm

She sees the anguish in his eyes, then surprisingly she laughs
Now he doesn’t feel as worried, he just feels a little daft

He gets back up, rests on one knee, and from his pocket takes a ring
He proposes there amongst the broken eggs, she doesn’t say a thing

She smiles and nods her head, onto her finger a diamond is placed
Not even this brief taste of his future can take the smile from his face

A year has passed since that day, his legs regularly falter
His fears of days ahead replaced with fears of falling at the alter

Though he is stubborn and refuses a stick to help him with walking
He comes to accept this necessity after she gives him a talking

She buys her fiancé a stick that matches the tartan of his kilt
He can stand strong on his wedding day, his confidence rebuilt

They share their happiest day together, no one in attendance will forget
The jokes told by his best man, and the story of how they met

There are days both good and bad ahead, he will conquer all the same
With love and support from the woman who has taken his last name.

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