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The three members of Sons of Dystrophy, Clay, Joe and Brad have seen a rise in posts about remedies for Muscular Dystrophy. We aren't medically trained, neither are these opportunists, but you can be sure that we'll share the truth and be honest about our experiences as men with Muscular Dystrophy. Please read our collaborative blog on this subject and stay safe!

The Line

Try as I might to be optimistic, I can't deny that living with Muscular Dystrophy is bloody hard. The weakness, the random pains, my knees giving out without warning, I've just about learned to live with that. In my mind is where he real battle is fought. I often get this crazy notion to run,... Continue Reading →

Man Up!

These two seemingly innocent words anger me more than I can articulate. They aren't words of encouragement, they're short-hand for shut up and stop feeling your emotions. Honestly, I'd sooner be told to fuck off than to man up. I feel so strongly about this as I used to be the one who 'Manned Up'.... Continue Reading →

The other D word – Part 1

Most of my posts have been about disability, mental health and parenthood. All very important things to me but I'd like to do something different today. Let's talk about dogs! I've always been a dog person, dogs are happy to see you all day long. Cats? Well... Not that they aren't great too! Our Boy... Continue Reading →

The D word

Before leaving my previous job, I was chair of a disability and mental health network named Enabled at Tesco where I was able to pursue a mission of advocacy and inclusion alongside my day job. I'm immensely proud of the work I was able to do and I miss the role greatly. Last minute panicked... Continue Reading →

Passing on the curse

In many of the Muscular Dystrophy forums and pages I frequent, I see mothers expressing guilt for passing Muscular Dystrophy to their children. As a seasoned member of the Sons of Dystrophy, I feel comfortable making this next statement in support of the members of our global chapter Prospects always welcome. THIS IS NOT YOUR... Continue Reading →

Disability Dressup

 There seems to be a growing trend of what I refer to as disability dressup, t-shirts, jewellery and shoes with less than eye pleasing designs describing those with disabilities as brave, as warriors, as heroes.  On the other side of this we have slogans that seem to suggest that a parent supporting a child with... Continue Reading →

Vehicular Vigilantes

Voluntary work is an amazing thing. In a world where many are driven by the pursuit of money, big houses and sports cars that look like lime green Batmobile prototypes, there are those who freely donate their time and expertise to their communities, worthwhile causes and charities. At the time I’m writing this, there has... Continue Reading →


Most if not all of us will end up in a box at the end of our lives, so why do we have a constant need to place ourselves into boxes before then? We live in a time where titles are prevalent and this extends to categorising the dynamic of a relationship. Interabled, a term... Continue Reading →

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