Most if not all of us will end up in a box at the end of our lives, so why do we have a constant need to place ourselves into boxes before then? We live in a time where titles are prevalent and this extends to categorising the dynamic of a relationship.

Interabled, a term defining the relationship between a disabled and non-disabled individual is a word I’ve learned of only recently, despite being in a relationship that matches this description for fourteen years. Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t feel that this word needs to exist, can’t it just be a relationship? Is the fact that disabled people and non-disabled people can date, get married, have sex and even have children that out of the ordinary?

Disability is not just something you’re born with, it’s something you can acquire whether in a relationship or not. So if we have a married woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, other than the physical and mental health challenges and the toll it may take, what’s changed? Do we really need to describe them as once being in a ‘normal’ relationship but now existing in an interabled relationship?

Labels may seem fine but where to we stop? If we have a black and white couple of two differing faiths and one of the two develop a disability, do we now categorise the relationship as an interracial, interfaith, interabled relationship? I hope not. A relationship is a relationship, there is no need to categorise this with anything other than that one word. The sooner this becomes recognised, the sooner silly non-conformist stigmas will dissipate.

If you feel that such words are necessary, I respect your position but I can’t help feeling that it limits the progression we’ve made as a society and stalls the acceptance of all relationships. For this reason, I choose not to use this word.

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